Resilient Parenting

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Welcome to exciting world of Resilient Parenting, where we partner with parents, organizations and communities on building resilience at the intersections between work and family

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Well-being, family and work are among the most important aspects of our lives

It’s only natural that managing these competing demands can be challenging. There’s an increasing body of evidence illustrating the intersections between workplace stress and family conflict and how education can be a tool for building resilience and wellness, including parent training.


Finding resources and building communities of support

If “how to” articles and long checklists with generic advice about parenting leave you searching for concrete strategies to help you to build resilience and manage work and life stress, join our community where we meet with other highly engaged parents to develop knowledge, strategies and skills to help parents find balance and heightened well-being.

Stress can function like a boomerang

ricocheting between work and family

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Long hours, work overload, workplace conflicts, time pressures, long commutes and other work-related challenges can leave us feeling depleted, with little time or energy for ourselves or our families

  • Resilient Parenting supports parents by helping them to negotiate work and family stressors through interventions that target resilience-building and negotiating the intersections between parenting/work/stress management/and well-being.

  • Our facilitators collaborate with parents on building resilience and helping them to manifest their visions & goals for their families, moving them closer to work/life balance and satisfaction.

  • Diversity and Inclusion is a keystone of Resilient Parenting because transferring values and heritage is a central aspect of parenting.

  • Resilient Parenting programs celebrate the complex diversity of American families.

  • Each parent leaves the sessions with a Resilient Parenting Plan that includes short, mid and long-term parenting objectives that reflect their goals and values for their family.

How stress impacts our

health and well-being

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  • 65% of American employees identified work as their most significant stressor

  • High-demand/limited-control work environments and work-family conflicts have been linked to diabetes, absenteeism, stroke, depression and anxiety.

  • Work-family conflict is associated with absenteeism, increased use of medical services, hypertension, increased alcohol intake, smoking and sleep disturbance.

  • The CDC reports that employers lose an average of $225.8 billion per year ($1,685 for each employer) and that workplace stress is the leading workplace health issue, an “occupational health risk” that outranks obesity and inactivity.

  • Parents who are overwhelmed, exhausted and ill, not surprisingly, are less available to their families, less productive at work, and less satisfied.

 Scheduling & Pricing

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The Program


Resilient Parenting is an “Inclusion Experience” that takes an integrative approach to parenting, focusing on how experiences at work and home are mutually influencing. We use innovative, experiential activities (including videos, group activities, case studies, self-reflection) to help parents enhance their existing skills so that they are more resilient and better able to negotiate work/life challenges, while celebrating the parenting experience.

Parents may attend a comprehensive three-hour session, which presents an overview the program, as well as four individual (two-hour) subject-specific session, which zoom in on some of the most common parenting challenges.

They leave experience with a Resilient Parenting Plan, a roadmap of achievable goals that reflect their family needs and interests, with skills for enhancing parenting skills and building resilience. Course registration and administration and payments can be made on line.

Experience 1: (Currently Available)

Principles of Resilient Parenting: articulating your family vision and parenting plan

Three hours

Experience 2:

Staying calm and balanced: building resilience through self-regulation and strategic planning. Zooming in on sleep, fitness, diet and exercise

Two hours

Experience 3:

Consistency: establishing, maintaining routines for wake-up, school preparation, meals and homework

Two hours

Experience 4:

Communication, Encouragement, Consequence: positive communication, encouragement; boundaries, limits and consequences

Two hours

Experience 5:

Meals and homework: zooming in on two of the biggest parenting challenges, meals and homework

Two hours