Our Services

What Makes Us Different

Skilled Facilitator

  • Training and experience managing group dynamics

  • Knowledge and skills delivering adult learning programs; the ability to deliver (nonhierarchical) learning programs, valuing the rich experiences and knowledge that adult professionals bring to the setting

Dynamic Process

  • Dynamic, highly experiential environment

  • Multiple modalities for information sharing: videos, group exercises

  • Group activities that promote shared values and experiences

  • Exercises that illustrate the common ways in which age, sex/sexual orientation/gender identity, disability, race and culture influence and enhance organizational culture and our lives

  • Evaluation of these inclusion through the context of the global market

  • Knowledge exchange on organizational, national and international laws, policies and practices that promote inclusion

  • Innovative learning tools to transfer key information and stimulate reflection about unconscious bias

Our Offerings

The Inclusion Experience is offered in three distinct structures:

  • A one-day experience in which key concepts regarding age, disability, SSOGI and race and culture are all included

  • A two-day experience which covers these topics in more detail

  • A three-day experience which covers all topics in detail and adds additional focus on a particular topic in response to the client’s request

The Resilience Experience is available in several modalities:

  • A one-day experience focusing on the principles of stress management, covering topics that include how stress impacts daily living and the workplace

  • An offering in which participants focus on individual development plans for managing stress and building resilience

  • 1:1 consultations with the facilitator

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