Guiding Principles

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  1. All people matter. All work matters. Our vision is a world in which all people are equally valued for their contributions and treated with dignity in their lives—including in the workplace.

  2. Interventions that promote wellness, resilience and inclusive growth are requisites for the workplace.

  3. Nurturing the work/family interface is essential for well-being.

  4. Resilience is a foundation of well-being. We activate the research affirming that resilient talent who manage stress adaptively are more likely to be healthy, satisfied and productive at home and at work.

  5. Innovative, engaging, expert facilitation results in distinguishable training. We are agile practitioners: facilitators/educators/stress counsellors/psychologists who use research-driven techniques that promote human dignity, engage participants and cultivate harmonious work environments.

  6. Commitment from executive leadership and management is a must. We understand that these outcomes can only be achieved when there is measurable commitment from leadership and decision-makers.

  7. Training cannot be a stand-along activity. We work with organizations that demonstrate commitment to inclusive growth as well as metrics that identify blindspots, assign accountability and evaluate and report outcomes.

  8. Work-Family, well-being research is our guide. We survey and activate research that illustrates the health and psychosocial benefits of work-family wellness interventions and that makes the case for training that supports talent in both environments—and at the nexus between the two.

  9. Resilient Parent Training must include achievable objectives. We collaborate with parents to help them achieve attainable goals for parenting that include strategies for navigating work/life and family demands.

  10. Expatriate families and Third Culture Kids (TCKs) have unique challenges that require specialized attention. We have extensive experience supporting talent and families in international organizations and diplomatic missions who work in complex emergency settings, make frequent geographic relocations and who are separated from their families due to their work.