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We deliver diversity, inclusion, resilience and wellness programs that cultivate mutual respect and human dignity at the intersections between individuals, work and families.

We are driven by the reality that, at its core, workplace harmony results from relationships between individuals borne out of mutual respect


Skilled Facilitators

  • Our niche is face-to-face training because cultures of belonging and resilience are largely about communicating and interacting with other: face-to-face.

  • We offer an inclusive experience--without the implicit “blaming and shaming” and the resulting “anger resistance” that has cast a shadow on some diversity and inclusion training programs.

  • Our facilitators have worked as training professionals, educators, stress counsellors and psychologists in international settings—honing the highly specialized skillset required for excellence in inclusive facilitation.

  • Our sessions are based on principles of optimism. We are strident in our practices and belief that well-designed and facilitated interventions can be instruments of change.

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Dynamic Processes

  • Because we understand that talent may have been disappointed by previous training experiences, a primary objective for us is engaging participants through action-oriented, inclusive practices that harness the experiences of our collaborators: participants.

  • We focus is on building resilience through increased self-awareness and active coping. Our highly interactive, scenario-driven, experiences utilize videos, adult games and other techniques to build empathy, communication skills, insight and understanding about how resilience and inclusion benefit individuals, the workplace and society.

  • The exercises illuminate the common ways in which age, sex/sexual orientation/gender identity, disability, race and culture influence and enhance organizational settings and our lives…and how experiences with diverse groups builds resilience.

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Our Offerings

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Inclusion Strategies is a learning & talent development enterprise deeply committed to the principle that people, talent, are an organization’s most valuable resource and relationships are the means through which business is done. Our inclusion and resilience programs promote wellness and help to build better relationships, which contribute to more harmonious environments and productive organizations.

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The Inclusion Experience …

includes three-hour, half and full-day experiences that engage talent experientially on issues related to age, disability, SSOGI (sex, sexual orientation, gender identity) race and culture within the organizational context. Our goal is to enhance relationships among talent through increased knowledge, awareness, understanding and skills for communicating and interacting with diverse groups and individuals. Identifying blindspots and viewing the world through the lens of understanding are among our objectives.

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The Resilience Experience…

focuses on the principles of resilience and stress management, covering topics and strategic interventions that move each individual toward achieving an enhanced quality of living while negotiating the high-stress, high-demand environments that have become the reality of daily living. Based on well-researched and principles of learning, we collaborate with our learning partners on developing achievable goals, built from their repertoire of existing behaviors. Participants leave the experience with an Individualized Resilience Plan (IRP), a tool that will serve as a roadmap for their renewed commitment to resilience and stress management.

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Resilient Parenting…

targets parent knowledge and skills that contribute to building resilience, effective parenting and work/family balance. We have particular experience supporting families in service to diplomatic missions, international organizations, NGOs and other settings in which they work and live as expatriates around the globe. We provide more than just a pep talk and a checklist. We help parents to develop Resilient Parenting Plans that reflect their vision and goals for their children, based on sound principles of positive parenting.