Inclusion Strategies

Because all people matter and all work matters, our goal is…

Building Resilience and Inclusive Growth


Researchers, policymakers and society at large are increasingly realizing that inclusion and work-life balance are drivers of talent health, well-being, satisfaction and productivity

Inclusion Strategy delivers programs that support the work-family interface:

diversity and inclusion, resilience/well-being and resilient parent training





Resilient Parenting


A comprehensive approach developed and proven on the global stage

Where we understand that the impact of the workplace extends beyond its doors…

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Leslie Fair

Leslie Fair founded Inclusion Strategies to bring methods developed for building resilience and inclusion in some of the world’s toughest environments to a broader spectrum of individuals, families and organizations.

The UN, the most diverse body in the world, has greatly influenced her approach, as well as her work with families and children within international schools and diplomatic missions. She is now energized to collaborate with leadership, workers and families on applying her innovative approaches more broadly, particularly targeting the intersections between work and family.

Inclusion Strategies is not your typical diversity & inclusion, resilience or parent training program

We focus on the intersections between the workplace and the family

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We provide experiences—dynamic, engaging interactions designed to enhance knowledge, awareness, strategic thinking and relationships at the intersections between work and family.

Our niche is in the training space. We have extensive experience working within high-stakes, high-demand, diverse security and corporate environments. Inclusion and resilience programs are more nuanced than other human resource/talent engagement training. The facilitator must be skilled in managing and supporting group dynamics in response to the emotions that flow when individual values and beliefs are implicitly challenged—an inevitable outcome of diversity and inclusion, resilience/well-being and resilient parenting programs. Take a look at the video to your left for more information about Leslie’s approach to training.


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