Leslie Fair founded Inclusion Strategies to bring methods developed building resilience and inclusion in some of the world’s toughest environments to organizations and corporations. The UN, the most diverse body in the world, has greatly influenced her approach. She is now adapting these innovative, dynamic programs to the needs of U.S. and global businesses.

Inclusion Strategies is committed to creating a more harmonious society by improving resilience, relationships and inclusion in corporations and organizations. Creating a profound human-by-human impact furthers organizational success by creating healthier and more productive work environments. And as each human being touched by our programs moves through life, there is a ripple effect in the world.

Inclusion Strategies is not your typical diversity and inclusion training program. We offer experiences. These experiences are based on adult learning principles where knowledge exchange flows both ways and benefits the facilitator and the group. Inclusion and resilience programs are more nuanced than other human resource/talent engagement training. The facilitator must be skilled in managing group dynamics in response to the emotions that flow when individual values and beliefs are implicitly challenged—an inevitable outcome of diversity and inclusion learning programs.